Grand Piano Studio

The Grand Piano Studio offers lessons and services in the following areas

  • Contemporary Improvisation (Jazz, Blues, Pop, R&B, Hip Hop)
  • Classical Piano (Beginners to Advanced)
  • Songwriting Lessons
  • Music Theory & Composition
  • Vocal Styling
  • Electric Keyboard Techniques
  • Professional Piano Accompaniment

  • 30-Minute Lesson: $40
  • 45-Minute Lesson: $50
  • 1-Hour Lesson:      $65
          Will Also teach in your home
 The Grand Piano Studio
Learn to “Play by Ear” and Read Music

Beginners young and older will be able to play beautiful music after their very first lesson at The Grand Piano Studio. This is because all of our piano students learn how to improvise while they learn to read music and play.

Some people call improvisation “playing by ear.”  Learning how to improvise is just as important as learning how to read music.  BOTH are necessary in order to grow into a complete musician.   Great classical composers and performers over past ages were great improvisers as well as great sight readers.  But unfortunately, improvisation is rarely taught today either privately or in the conservatory, along with traditional classical piano studies.  It has become a lost art.  

Music theory is the “architecture” of music and lies at the heart of improvisation and music composition.  Though music theory is complex, The Grand Piano Studio can teach even the youngest children basic theoretical concepts that they can immediately use and begin joyfully to experience  playing beautiful piano music.  Older children and adults who may already have studied piano can continue to become better readers and performers, and learn how to improvise in contemporary styles such as jazz, blues, pop, R & B, and Hip Hop.  Advanced students and professionals alike grow musically at The Grand Piano Studio.

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